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One thing that I constantly hear from women is that they want to live a healthier life but don’t have the time to do so. Healthy eating and self-care is so important but finding time to take care of your health can be challenging. For those seeking inspiration I have listed a couple simple ways you can kick start your health care journey.

The most important tip is to keep it simple, keep it fresh and prepare the food yourself. You know exactly what’s going into your body and your body will thank you for it with endless energy, glowing skin and vitality.

1. EAT + DRINK GREEN - Keep your meals light and fresh, with a focus on green, nourishing foods such as dark leafy vegetables, superfoods and healthy fats such as avocados. Raw juicing and protein rich smoothies are a great way to get a concentrated source of nutrition & health.

2. DRINK WATER - It’s surprising just how many people don’t drink enough water. You want to keep your digestive system moving and rid the body of excess toxins, so drink plenty of water. 

3. EXERCISE - Moving your body will also help rid the body of excess toxins. This includes both high impact and low impact exercise such as walking, jogging, running, swimming and Pilates. Aim for 30-45 minutes of exercise per day.

4. REDUCE YOUR CAFFEINE INTAKE - I recommend drinking one coffee a day before 10am. Swap your afternoon coffee for a Matcha Tea. Matcha helps to stabilize blood sugar and contains l-theanine, which is a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation & supports the way your body reacts to stress.

5. BE ORGANISED WITH FOOD AND SNACK PREP: Do a big shop on Sunday and make sure you are organised for the week so you are not temped by takeaway and unhealthy snacks.

Breakfast: Pre bagged ingredients for your morning smoothie

Lunch: The easiest way to do meal prep your lunch is to have left overs from dinner the night before. This means you need to make sure you cook extra food at dinner. 

Snacks: Raw nuts, greek yoghurt, protein balls or carrot sticks with hummus



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