The Ultimate Mum Hack Guide to Increasing Your Wellness

For all you busy ladies out there, whether you’re a mum or not I think we can all agree that we are overly busy and tired and sometimes prioritising our own wellness is non-existent. As a busy mum myself trying to juggle running 2 businesses, keeping my child healthy and the house in order, my own wellness has been known to take a back seat. However, after a while I burnt myself out and as we know pouring from an empty cup gets you nowhere, so since then I have implanted some easy and time efficient things to prioritise my wellness. While these set things may not work for you, hopefully it can at least inspire you to put yourself first and implement a few wellness things for yourself.


  1. LIVE OFF WINE AND COFFEE! Haha kidding.. well half, I personally love a morning coffee and an evening glass of wine after a big day (who doesn’t?). Whether or not coffee is your jam, taking 10 minutes in the morning to regroup and have a nice warm drink is a great way to keep balance in the chaos. Personally, I use this time to go through my positive affirmations or read over my goals and visualise them and I find it helps me to refocus my intentions for the day and have a great mindset. In the evenings I also take around 20 minutes to relax with a glass of wine (usually on weekend nights) or a peppermint tea during the week and write in my gratitude journal reflecting on the day and leaving my mind at ease so I can have a great sleep.


  1. Exercise with your kids. I’m sure I’m not the only mumma out there who has had every intention to fit in my home workout once the kids go to bed and ends up being exhausted by that point and leaving it be. I realised that for the sake of actually achieving my movement goals on home days I needed to include my daughter in these activities, plus avoid the mum guilt of not spending quality time with her (hitting 2 birds with 1 stone here). Some ways we get in exercise include jumping on the trampoline together, running around with a ball in the backyard, doing kid focused yoga videos from youtube (cosmic yoga is great), doing bodyweight exercises to music in the loungeroom while incorporating toys (holly’s fave) e.g. we might hold the baby doll while doing squats to get her to sleep.



  1. Pick healthy meals for dinner that your kids will eat too, saves you having to cook 2 separate meals which may help to avoid over-eating or forgetting to cook your own dinner and reaching for the chocolate instead. Easy, healthy snacks in your handbag are a great way to get through the day as well, I always pack carrot sticks, beef jerky and a nut bar for when I’m out and about all day.


  1. Make time for self-development, I have to admit this is a fairly recent one for me, but my god does it make a difference in my overall mindset, energy and consistency. I was always the first to say I didn’t have time for podcasts, Ted talks or reading even though every car trip I could spend the whole time gossiping on the phone to my sister. I now prioritise the first car trip of the day to listening to either a podcast, youtube video or audio book by putting my headphones in while my daughter listens to music. While 15 minutes a day doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s now become a ritual that I look forward too. As mums we are always putting everything into our kids and partners but it’s so important to have someone put encouragement and positivity into you (even if its someone on the internet who you’ve never met).


Sometimes amongst all the chaos in life, simplicity is key, hopefully you find these little tips a gamechanger for prioritising your own mental, emotional and physical wellness. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so even if you start with implementing one of these tips, you’re already a step ahead than you were yesterday!



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