When you hear the term ‘self care’ most of us immediately think of running a bubble bath or putting on a face mask. While pampering yourself may contribute to self care, the real approach of self care is a little less glamorous but so much more rewarding. Essentially, the real core of self care is looking at the problems in your life that make you want to run away and putting in the hard work to fix these problems so that you no longer feel the need to escape.

Whether its financially, health wise, prioritising jobs that you don’t want to do or having to sacrifice things that you do want to do, by getting on top of these things you can create a life for yourself that you love and enjoy. It may not be easy however nothing that’s worth while ever is, but by prioritising combating your problems, you are prioritising yourself and taking the best self care that you can.

While this is easier said than done, finding the areas in your life that you’ve neglected self care with can be done easily, the hard part is putting in the effort to fix them. But since you’re already reading this, you obviously care about yourself and the concept of self care, so what’s a better time than right now to get started with it.

Right now, I invite you to look at your life and write a list of the things that make you unhappy or give you anxiety – you can start with the top 5 that you want to work on or if you want to you can write down as many things as you like.

Now that you’ve written these down, lets prioritise them in order of importance – label them from 1 (being most important).

Lastly for each number, write a realistic solution or game plan for how you can tackle this problem and what measures you will put in place to achieve this as well as when you want it achieved by and any rewards/incentives. 


The rest is in your hands…

When you feel like giving up just remember:

  • You are wonderful and worthy of a great life
  • Getting on top of your problems will help you create a life you don’t want to hide from
  • When you are not stressed and are happy you radiate that to the relationships around you and therefore make the lives around you happier too
  • You only have one life, so you owe it to yourself to make it your best


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