Overwhelmed and Overworked

Feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Since coming out of a period of isolation with plenty of downtime and time to get things done, the adjustment back to our busy realities can hit hard and leave you feeling like you’re drowning in work and responsibilities. The good news is, you aren’t alone, majority of people are feeling the exact same “hit” back into adulting, the better news is there are a few simple things that you can implement to help you keep on swimming instead of sinking.


First things first, LOOK AFTER YOURSELF!

While this should be common sense, particularly as mothers, majority of women put everyone and everything above looking after themselves. I know you’re probably thinking “but I don’t have time”, Well yes you do or if you don’t then make time. The saying goes that you can’t pour from an empty cup and especially in the face of busyness this couldn’t be truer. Whether it’s giving yourself 10 minutes of peace in the morning to actually enjoy a hot cup of coffee and breakfast, or a 10 minute skincare routine at night, 15 minutes of meditation at lunchtime, or a 30 minute exercise; looking after yourself is key to staying stress free so that you can cope with a busy schedule. If you find prioritising yourself hard, a great tip to keep self care time implemented is by scheduling it on your calendar or diary at the beginning of the week. For example, every Sunday night schedule in 10-30 minutes of self care time for every day that week.


This brings us to the next tip – utilising a diary or calendar to keep your weeks organised and easy to follow. It may seem like a tedious task to begin with, however once you get into the habit of writing down and planning your week you gain a sense of control rather than being overwhelmed. It’s a good idea to do this at the beginning of your week, so every Sunday night or Monday morning set yourself a task of writing down and planning your week allowing time for work, house chores, self care, exercise, socialising with loved ones and leisure. Making goals for each week can also help you to feel a sense of achievement and keep you on track. There are some great apps to use for week planning and goal setting, or if you prefer pen and paper there are some great diaries, calendars and weekly journals at places like Officeworks and Kmart that are extremely easy to use.


Lastly, writing lists is a great way to feel in control and stay on top of your busy to dos. Numbering your tasks in order of importance can help to prioritise the things that need to be done immediately and help you to differentiate between what can be done later to help you navigate where to begin. Ticking off tasks once they are completed is also extremely satisfying and feeling accomplished can help to ease the stress and anxiety of being busy and overwhelmed.


By implementing these few simples tips, you will start to feel less overwhelmed with a high workload, less stressed and more in control and on top of your life, allowing you more time to think about the important things such as your loved ones and being happy.


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