How to Motivate Yourself To Live a Healthy Lifestyle in the Midst of Injury or Health Problems

Experiencing chronic pain, feeling unwell, having mental illness or being physically unable on a daily occurrence can be extremely debilitating and make it hard to look after yourself and stick to a healthy lifestyle. The exhaustion and frustration associated with this daily struggle can leave you feeling unmotivated, not wanting to exert further energy on physical activity and more likely to indulge on unhealthy comfort foods. On the contrary the best thing you can do to manage chronic injuries and health issues is to implement a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits.

Having a daily exercise routine can be helpful for a variety of reasons:

  • Daily exercise can help to reduce inflammation, which can help with injuries and inflammatory related conditions.
  • Daily exercise helps to increase endorphins (feel good hormones), which can have a positive effect on your mindset, increase motivation and the placebo effect of feeling good can aid in recovery from illnesses and injuries.
  • When exercising on a daily basis you are less likely to carry excess fat and weight and more likely to have an increased muscle mass. Less body fat can help with reducing inflammation, and also helps the body to function better so the immune system can fight disease faster. Increased muscle mass can also help to improve injury protecting ligaments and tendons and taking strain off the injury itself.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help with the maintenance or improvement of chronic health conditions by reducing deterioration and supporting a healthy body.

  • Eating adequate amounts of good fats and antioxidant rich foods can aid in reducing inflammation which can help with controlling pain from injuries and flare ups from inflammatory conditions.
  • High protein foods are essential for muscle repair and recovery and are a staple food for helping with injuries.
  • Processed foods high in saturated fats and refined sugars should be avoided as they lower the immune response, increase inflammation and body fat and cause unstable blood sugar levels resulting in energy crashes.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking at least 2L of water daily helps to improve your immune response and reduce inflammation that may be worsening conditions.
  • On top of a good diet, taking a daily supplement containing immune boosting vitamins and probiotics can be a great additional support for chronic conditions. Lumila contains a combination of probiotics, zinc, vitamin c, b vitamins, electrolytes and calcium to help you feel your best.

Lastly a positive mindset is the best medicine to help with the management of chronic health conditions. There are several great exercises to help with maintaining a positive attitude, which can also be used to help you get yourself out of a negative slump. Some of these include:

  • Daily gratitude journaling can be a great way to keep yourself positive and take focus off the pain or struggle that you may be experiencing and put it on the good things in your life.
  • Seeing a psychologist who specialises in chronic conditions or injuries can be beneficial at helping to work through your feelings and push past the major obstacles (Bulk billed psychologist appointments are available through mental health plans through your GP, this type of help is free and readily available for you).
  • Meditation and breathing exercises can help to keep your centred and calm. Studies have also shown their effectiveness on pain relief.
  • Having relaxing baths in Epsom salts can be great for not only physical recovery but also mental recovery and leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.
  • Creating a self care routine for yourself that includes journaling, pampering activities that you enjoy, spending time with loved ones and doing the things that you love can have a really positive impact on your life.


Just remember even when you are struggling and going through a tough time mentally, physically or emotionally there is always light at the end of the tunnel! Laughter and positivity is the best medicine, so surround yourself with people, places and things that keep you smiling. If you’re ever feeling lost or helpless never be afraid to reach out to the people around you, your GP and lifeline, as with people by your side you can get through anything.

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